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“Iwasawa Oriental Art has been in business in Los Gatos for over thirty years, introducing Japanese Art and Culture to a broad audience. In addition to showing traditional art objects, Iwasawa Oriental Art presents numerous exhibits and programs that introduce many aspects of Japanese culture — such as tea ceremony, calligraphy, lacquer wares, and food — to its community. As one of the most innovative galleries in Silicon Valley, Iwasawa Oriental Art is now engaged in combining traditional arts with modern and contemporary art, to demonstrate the appeal of modern aesthetics in Japanese arts.”
~ Emily Sano, Director Emerita, Asian Art Museum San Francisco


“Kumiko Iwasawa and her extraordinary gallery in Los Gatos have been a refuge and inspiration for me in many ways. I am humbled by her dedication to quality and beauty on such a high scale and am proud to have used her pieces at Manresa Restaurant and as meaningful contributions in our own published works. The spirit of Iwasawa Oriental Arts truly is an oasis in the frenetic nature of our modern lives.”
~ David Kinch, Chef-Proprietor, Manresa Restaurant in Los Gatos  

Photo credit: Aki Mori



iJaponesque is a way of revealing the nature of creativity within tradition, the soul of Japanese aesthetics. As part of our 30th anniversary celebration, the Gallery is taking a new direction in presenting traditional art and culture in a new way that appeals to all generations. Learn more at www.iJaponesque.com.


Our Digital Publication


Iwasawa Oriental Arts was pleased to present a digital publication on Japanese lacquered arts centered on the tradition of 写 utsushi and an exhibition to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the gallery.

Learn more about this publication, which is a free educational resource available to the public.

Book Review: Creativity within Tradition

The Continuity of Japanese Aesthetics: Creativity within Tradition, by Iwasawa Oriental Art
By Kazuko Kameda-Madar

Los Gatos Living Magazine

LG_MagazineIwasawa Oriental Arts has been featured in the Los Gatos Living Magazine. Read the article here


News & Events

Art Revisited, Beauty Revealed
In 1982, Iwasawa Oriental Art opened an art gallery with “Art in Life” as its guiding theme. With the concept, Iwasawa Oriental Art has continued to guide its work in Los Gatos, the Heart of Silicon Valley.

Looking to the future, we have defined an additional theme: “Art Revisited, Beauty Revealed.” The theme expresses our desire to create dynamic connections between Children and Adults, East and West, Old and New, and to open up our minds to new emotions, discoveries, and sources of joy.

We are not just an art gallery to appreciate art, but a place where visitors can restore and refresh their spirits while spending time with art.

We welcome you to our gallery and thank you for your continued support for our activities.

The Water in Life – 水と生きる exhibition continues in conjunction with NUMU
The exhibition is about the significance of “water” through the traditional arts and crafts inspired by it. We hope that each of these works at the exhibition will help deepens our visitors’ sense of the richness of Japan’s culture and the hopes and joy of its people.

Cherry blossom motif on the stylized water flow (桜流水蒔絵盆).

Learn more about the art of Japanese lacquer works at http://www.japaneseartandantiques.com/resources/books/

We have started carrying Conde House furniture collection in our store. Conde House, a Japanese furniture maker, utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing practices which deliver quality and durability, while carefully selected and sustainable woods ensure beauty and elegance. Once a year, their entire factory team plants new trees to give back to the earth what they have taken. Conde House’s passion for elegance, functionality, and quality is at the core of everything they do. 

Come to our store and see for yourself how beautiful these chairs are!

Past Events

NUMU Exhibition Premiere | A Call to Collect

A Call to Collect – June 4, 2017

Below you will find a video produced by Kumiko Iwasawa, one of the A Call to Collect lenders. It provides a beautiful preview of the exhibition, with Kumiko’s own insights to her pieces. 

Netsuke Online Research Center

netsuke headerThe Netsuke Online Research Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the cultural awareness, aesthetics, and enjoyment of Netsuke and related Japanese Art Works all over the world.